by argox

HM Classic Theme

  • 6-max

    HM Classic Theme
  • 9-max

    HM Classic Theme
  • notes and fonts using PartyCaption program

    HM Classic Theme
  • default notes

    HM Classic Theme
  • fullface cards with PartyCaption HUD

    HM Classic Theme

How to make fullface cards?

  1. All variants of the deck are installed while mod's installation in the folder "full face cards" in the folder that you selected in the installer (C: \ Programs \  by default). To install a deck in PartyCaption, first copy the selected deck to the \PartyCaption\Layouts\[Deck] HUD\NewGameTable folder
  2. In PartyCaption on Layout tab select "[Deck] HUD" and press "Set layout" button, then restart the client
  3. On HUD tab add new Player Panel - [grHand]85 (cards size in %) and save
  4. Adjust cards location. You can also customize the display of opponents' cards on the showdown in the Showdown cards section

Full face cards included!


Supports PartyPoker and bwin software


You will need program PartyCaption for the fonts, border notes and fullface cards

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Version: 4.1
Update: 17-04-19
Cards Euphoria Deck
Ten as «T»
Ten as «10»
Black spades
yellow spades
version without chat
Chips Light Chips
supported games
2/87 card stud
2/87 card stud hi/lo
2/8Triple Stud
2/6/75 Card Draw